Finger Jets
Phase Challenge

Finger Jets: Phase Challenge is a 2D Arcade physics game where you control the Jets of your Spaceship with your Finger tips


Features you love

3 phases - 18 levels

Featuring simple addicting gameplay that is difficult to master.


Want something more difficult? Try timed challenge mode, and compare your score with others on the leaderboards.

Feel like a magician

Dodge and burn your way past obstacles to land your ship like a boss.

Play for free on mobile

  • Play the levels casually, or in a challenge mode Time Attack where you can rank yourself on the daily, weekly and all-time leaderboards.
  • Little bit of a throw back to lunar lander, but mostly a unique concept.
  • Also available on Steam for Windows, Linux and MacOS

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    Available for all major mobile and desktop platforms.

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    *Free on iOS and Android, a few bucks on Steam



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